Guidance and Consultation

The SDAC is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive study environment which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social culture in which the rights and dignity of all students and staff members are respected.

What matters does it concern?
If you feel that you have recently experienced harassment of any kind or experience personal problems, we would like to offer you help and advise you by clarifying the options open to you, assisting you in resolving the matter informally where possible, and supporting you throughout the resolution of your concerns.

For example:

  • Harassment by Students or Staff
  • Sexism and Sexual Harassment
  • Racism
  • Needed Mediation
  • Mental Health
  • and more…

I am uncertain if my situation counts as one of the above?
If you feel you are in need of help please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our contact point. No issue is too small to discuss it if you feel you are impaired in your study and everyday life.

Why is there such a Contact Point at SDAC?
As we welcome various international students with limited knowledge of the university system or the German system in general, we would like to simplify those structures for them and guarantee an easy contact point for our students at all times.

Will it be confidential?
The support is confidential, which means your situation will not be discussed with anyone outside the service unless you give your consent to do so. Exceptions to this rule apply only if there are legal or statutory obligations to disclose, or if there is a risk of serious harm to the student or to others.

How does it work?
During an initial talk – which is as stated strictly confidential – you are welcome to explain your situation and ask for further help or mediation. Our advisor will assess the situation with you, and help you decide on the best way to deal with the behaviour as well as clarify the options available to you. Alternatively, they might send you to the right contact point at FAU who can assist you further.

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