Winter Semester in Beijing 19/20

Please choose your courses so you will get the minimum of 10 ECTS/Module.
Schedule changes cannot be excluded until the beginning of the semester. The exact classes offered by Peking University and the ECCS will be discussed in consultation with the ECCS Managing Director as soon as possible.


Module 7 – Contexts of Decision-Making in China (10 ECTS)

Lecturer: Dr. Dimitri Drettas


Synopsis: This seminar invites students to reflect on their experience living and studying in China, and to attempt to place it in the perspective of their training in decision-making studies. Each student presents concrete examples taken from their everyday life in Beijing and discusses them with the class under the instructor’s supervision. Students are then asked to frame and analyze their experiences in terms of decision-making processes by applying the models and methods to which they have been introduced, while taking into consideration intercultural and social factors relative to each individual’s particular background.

Please choose one of the following two options:

Lecturer: Christian Buskühl


Synopsis: The director of the European Centre for Chinese Studies (ECCS) provides an exclusive seminar on a topic of their choice. Students should note that the subject of this seminar may vary.

Lecturer: ECCS Language Instructors

Synopsis: No environment suits the purpose of learning Chinese as a foreign language better than China. Teaching is carried out by experienced language instructors who teach their classes almost entirely in Chinese and encourage students to speak, read, and write actively from the earliest stages of their study process.

Module 8 – Specific Approaches of Selected Academic Disciplines (10 ECTS)

Lecturer: European Center for Chinese Studies/ Peking University


Synopsis: The students will choose different classes of their interest at Peking University in consultation with the managing director of the ECCS.

As one of Chinas leading Universities, Peking University is home to a great variety of study subjects and research fields. This is reflected in the teaching provided by the respective institutions on campus. Though most classes at other institutes are not accessible for exchange students, for every term the ECCS will prepare a list of classes from different subjects, primarily in English, and mainly from the humanities and social sciences, in which students can participate.


Module 9 – Developing Transcultural Sensitivities (10 ECTS)

Lecturer: Guest Experts invited by the ECCS and Partner institutions



In these lectures jointly organized on campus by the European Center for Chinese Studies (ECCS) in cooperation with on-campus institutions such as the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE),, scholars, experts and entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds are regularly invited to present, in English, a topic centered on their activity or research field.
Students are required to attend all the lectures. Active participation in the ensuing discussions is strongly encouraged.

Lecturer: Dr. Dimitri Drettas


Synopsis: This course follows up on “Decision-Making in Traditional Chinese Culture” (Module 4) by providing concrete examples from the economic, political, and social fields in contemporary China. Students are encouraged to observe sociocultural phenomena in their environment and through news media in order to identify and analyze the modalities of both implicit and explicit decision-making processes in China. To that end, they will apply their acquired knowledge on traditional culture, as well as rhetorical analysis and historical contextualization. Based on selected concrete cases, the motivation, justification, and implementation of decisions in those three areas will be collectively examined and discussed. .