SDAC Lecture: Intercultural Competence

Arnold Wallner

As part of the SDAC Lecture-Series Dr. Linda Huber, who is a scholar at Stefan Zweig University for Education in Salzburg (Austria), delivered a presentation on intercultural communicative competence on January 24, 2020. The concept of intercultural communication relates to the effectiveness of cognitive, affective, and behavioral abilities that shape our communication in cross-cultural contexts. Based on her research Dr. Huber shared some theoretical insights about intercultural competence and showed the students several practices to raise their self-awareness for intercultural competence and to foster this skill.

The importance of intercultural competence can´t be underestimated. Trade is not a one-way road with more and more companies seeking business opportunities beyond their home markets. Hence, it is a key skill in the processes of designing, engineering and marketing of goods and services. In a globalized world intercultural competence can decide about success and failure on a corporate and a personal level.