General Application Information

  • SDAC program can only be started in the winter semester, and the application for the winter semester 2022/23 starts on 03. February 2022.
  • All the required documents must be submitted on the online portal campo. (Please do not mail any required application materials to FAU. The documents should be uploaded exclusively online via campo.)

General required application documents

  • National applicants
  • International applicants.
  • In addition, SDAC Program requires:
    • Graduates with either a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Magister in a subject that focuses on philology, social sciences, historical sciences, pedagogy, philosophy, religious studies, ethnology, economic sciences, law, psychology, or medical science are eligible for the Master’s degree program.
    • Applicants with one of these degrees are admitted only after a successful selection interview if they have an overall grade of at least 2.00. If they have an overall grade of 2.01-2.5, they have to prove further qualifications that are relevant to the Master’s degree program, such as
      • Proof of passed modules on scientific or research-related work (min. 6 ECTS points)
      • Proof of having passed modules with explicitly cross-cultural topics (at least 6 ECTS credits)
      • Proof of professional internships in a non-western or non-occidental organization (at least 3 months full-time) 
    • English language proficiency: at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or comparable knowledge (UNIcert C2) must be proven if the school graduation or bachelor’s degree has not been acquired in English.
    • German language proficiency: Applicants whose native language is not German need to prove their German language skills with a minimum of A1 of the CEFR (can be submitted within the first year of the program).
    • Applicants are also responsible to ensure that their basic financial requirements to come to Germany are secured.
      • For accepted candidates, we are happy to support you in applying for scholarships. Please note that these should be submitted as early as possible (very often 6-12 months before the start of the program).

Application process

  • Please note that even if the final deadline is in July, we highly encourage students to apply as soon as possible to guarantee the early processing of the application, since our interviews usually start in March. Applicants from outside Germany should also pay attention to visa processing deadlines and apply early on. We ask applicants to ensure that visa requirements are clarified with their home countries as early as possible. Please note that depending on the country, visa processing may take several months. 
  • The SDAC admission committee will be meeting in March, May, and July to review applications and send out early admissions afterward. Should your application have been reviewed but not be accepted for early admission, you will be informed if your application has been rejected definitively or if you have been placed on the waiting list for further reviewing after the end of the application period.
  • General information for international applicants regarding entry, visa, financing, insurance:


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ’s, or contact our program coordinator Oleg Vasilchenko (