Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures (SDAC) is an interdisciplinary study programme in cultural studies with an emphasis on East Asian societies. It allows the students to acquire profound academic and methodological knowledge, as well as additional key skills regarding decision-making processes in East Asia.
The MA degree program requires a BA degree of variable disciplinary orientation. This non-consecutive Master’s program draws from the fields of anthropology, philosophy, political science, economics, history, and Chinese studies. In addition to core courses, students have the possibility to further shape their curriculum around linguistic-cultural, comparative-philosophical, or economical & political academic focuses.
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On Friday the 12th of July, 2019, students of the Master´s program “Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures” participated in a workshop on Futures Studies held by Stefanie Ollenburg, a Research Fellow from Free University of Berlin. The workshop was provided for the students within the framework of the SDAC Lecture and Workshop Series.

Berlin, the front city in the cold war, has turned into a vibrant cosmopolitan metropole after the wall fell. Rich in history, the architecture reflects the city’s ambiguous past. Bombing and street-to-street fighting in World War 2, as well as the consequent division of the city into a Western and an Eastern zone, have left scars still visible today. In 1999 Berlin became the capital of the reunited Federal Republic of Germany.

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