How and where to apply

How and where to apply?

Please visit campo to register for the SDAC masters programme and upload the necessary documents for your application.
You can find an introduction to the online portal in this video.

I cannot find the SDAC program on campo.

Please check with the support services

Do I need to write a motivation letter for my application?

A motivation letter is not obligatory, but highly appreciated.

Where can I send the requested documents?

Please upload your application documents to Campo

Should I send my documents by post?

No, it is not necessary to submit the documents by mail. The new application procedure at FAU allows submitting the applications completely in digital form via campo. For more information please visit the “applying for a Master´s Degree” website here.

I have questions concerning documents, certification, and other formal requests.

Then, please contact the Master’s Office in Erlangen.

How can I track my application status?

You will receive notification from “campo”.

Are there any additional requirements for students who are coming from China?

No, there are no additional requirements needed for applying to our program.

Will there be an early decision for my application before submitting my official documents?

Applicants will go through the application process only after submitting their entire application documents to Campo and by post. The sooner we receive all the documents needed, the faster we can start reviewing your application and come to a decision.

Admission Requirements

Am I eligible to apply with my BA Degree?

Yes, all students can apply. Students will also go through the application process, and successful applicants will be notified.

Can I still apply with a grade below 2.0 ?

Applications which do not meet the grade requirement are challenging in terms of selection, due to the number of applicants. However, we do encourage you to apply if you acquire further qualifications like internships or work experiences related to your bachelor studies.

What is the required English level for the program?

You are required to have at least a B2 Level to apply. If you wish to know more about TOEFL or IELTS scores and their equivalent levels, please visit “Compare TOEFL Scores” 

Does schooling in English count as level B2 ?

Showing proof of having completed previous studies in English will be enough to fulfill basic application requirements. However, as the quality of English varies quite a lot internationally, we highly recommend adding an additional international language certificate.

What are the required German language skills for the programme?

You are required to have at least A1 Level by the end of the 2nd  semester of the Masters Programme.

Do I have to acquire any level of Chinese language or background in order to apply?

Chinese language and background studies are not required to apply for our SDAC programme.

I haven't finished my BA thesis yet, can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you have at least a total of 140 ECTS.

Studying at the SDAC

I am interested in the program and I would like to take a look at the classes and teaching environment.

We encourage prospective students to align their expectations with our graduate program. That’s why we invite you to visit one or several classes to get a first-hand experience. If you are interested, please contact the program’s coordinator to make an appointment prior to your visit.

Can I travel to China? What are the Visa requirements based on my home country ?

In this case, you are kindly advised to contact both your embassy and the Chinese embassy in Germany, to check the Chinese Visa requirements for your country origin.

Are there any tuition fees for the program and what are the general costs of living and studying in Germany?

No, there no tuition fees required to apply for the programme. However, there are general living costs that you might want to consider during your residency as a student in Germany.
For more information on estimated living costs, please click here.

What are the costs for the abroad semester in Beijing?

Students will be in charge of their accommodation and living expenses in Beijing. Please check out our Study abroad page and the table of costs at our SDAC website.

Can I apply for scholarships/ finances to support my abroad semester/studies?

The SDAC programme does not provide any scholarships or grants. Interested applicants are kindly requested to apply individually for suitable scholarship opportunities. For more information about scholarship organizations, applications, and opportunities, please click here.

When should I re-register for my next semester?

For more information on Semester dates and Re-registration dates, please click here