Melanie Kröhn

Melanie Kröhn

© Melanie Kröhn

Starting a new programme in the midst of a time like this can certainly be challenging, but the SDAC programme has made me feel very welcomed and supported from the start.

The programme’s interdisciplinary orientation has given me the opportunity to not only expand my knowledge in the areas I have studied before but also to gain insight into a variety of new disciplines. All of the lecturers have been nothing short of supporting, whether we had prior knowledge in their subject or not, and encouraged us to implement our own ideas and interests.

Aside from the programme itself, one of SDAC’s biggest pluses is the small number of students who come from all over the world and have different academic backgrounds. I have learned so much in the past year about different cultures not only through my studies but also through the exchange with them, which is a great privilege.

After studying at SDAC for a year, I can definitely recommend the programme to anyone interested in gaining a wide perspective related to decision-making and cultures. Apart from that, you will find a very nice environment at SDAC.