Yan Wu

I am very thankful that SDAC offers me an opportunity to do the semester abroad at Peking University which is one of the greatest universities in China and enjoys a good reputation around the world. It is a valuable experience and I do cherish it. First of all, I am impressed by the high-quality courses and gained a lot from them. Besides that, as a student of PKU, I have the chance to attend lots of lectures, forums, and activities.

© Yan Wu

As to campus life, it is enjoyable. Many canteens offer cheap and delicious food. And some lovely cafes provide students with a nice environment to study and relax.

Moreover, there are a lot of Student Associations to make campus life more colorful. I chose PKUSD among lots of Student Associations. It is the most precious memory for me in PKU. I met some good friends and improved myself there. Even though we SDAC students can just stay in PKU for one semester, I believe students can gain a lot and enjoy life there.