Students & Alumni

Students of the SDAC Master’s program are highly involved in the day-to-day of the program’s organization. For example, each cohort chooses representatives to engage with SDAC staff and bring forth questions and concerns. Students also are and stay in contact across cohorts, through a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program or shared Social Media accounts and groups.

Student Representatives

Student representatives (Reps) are elected from each cohort and represent students’ interests and voices at SDAC. The primary role of a student rep is to effectively listen and collect the views and opinions of all students they represent and to actively communicate them to staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Student reps are expected to be aware of their peers’ concerns and communicate them effectively to staff.
  • Student reps should regularly attend the staff meetings during the semester and share issues, suggestions, and proposals raised by students. The program coordinator will inform student reps about the regular meetings and other events that they should participate in. 
  • Student reps should also help coordinate and organize annual events, such as field trips, celebratory events (welcoming party and Christmas party), etc.
  • Student reps are responsible for coordinating peer-to-peer mentoring programs (buddy program) and organizing semester events for buddies. 
  • Student reps should maintain confidentiality and adhere to data protection of any shared information. 

Current Student Representatives

6th cohort

  • Christina Ongan
  • Sofie Gaudermann
  • Elsa Schroeder

5th cohort

  • Altana Go
  • Kseniya Moshykhina

4th cohort

  • Alexandra Ens
  • Miyuki Kamiyama

3rd cohort

  • Oleg ​Vasilchenko
  • Elaine Zhuang

2nd cohort

  • Saskia Kühne

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

To find out what previous cohorts say about the peer-to-peer mentoring program, click here.

What is the peer-to-peer mentoring program?

Registering your place of residence, locating Mensa and Bibliothek, and choosing classes can be challenging for new students. The peer-to-peer mentoring program, aka buddy program, aims to provide support and offer useful tips for newly admitted SDAC students. The student who signs up for the mentoring program will be paired with one mentor, who is an experienced, higher-semester student or an alumnus. Mentors who volunteer to help their mentees ease into life in Erlangen during the beginning of a semester can answer questions, help you navigate Erlangen, and show you the SDAC building, etc. New students also have the opportunity to get to know new friends and learn about other students’ cultures. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to contact and arrange meetings on their own. There are also regular events during the semester that mentors and mentees can participate together.

How do I get a student mentor?

New students can fill the peer-to-peer mentoring program signup sheet and then contact the program coordinator before coming to Erlangen. Upon request, you will be paired up with a student mentor from previous cohorts.

Student Activities

Student Orientation

Each year in October, SDAC will organize a one-week-long orientation for new students. During this week, they will meet each other, our faculty members, and students from previous cohorts. Click here to check the review of student orientation of 2021!

Semester Break Events and Meetups

During the semester breaks, SDAC student representatives regularly organize events (e.g., hiking in the Franconia region, brunch in Nuremberg, a day trip to Bamberg) and meetups (e.g., coffee break near the library). Please contact the student representatives to join these events, and stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday Online Breakfast

The COVID-19 outbreak has made it harder to be with others. Contact with families and friends continues to be limited, and social and leisure activities are restricted. Every Tuesday morning, SDAC students gather together virtually, have breakfast, and casually chat about school and life. If you’re feeling lonely at the moment, please contact the 4th cohort student representatives to join our gathering!

Summer School 2021

In July 2021, some SDAC students participated in a week-long Summer School “EU-China Cooperation. Green Transition and Digital Economy Between National Policies and Multipolarism.” Click here to find out more!

Student Vlogs

Hi there! Would you like to know more about studying at FAU and living in the Erlangen-Nürnberg area? Take a peek at these vlogs filmed by Ani, our student from the second cohort. She will also offer you some tips on finding accommodation, financing your studies, etc.


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