Oğulcan “Can” Çuhadar

© Oğulcan “Can” Çuhadar

We are close to putting an end to our first year in the SDAC program. There is no doubt that this was an extraordinary year for the university as well as our program. I can easily say that our first year in the SDAC was above my expectations despite all of the unfortunate crises that have happened. The first semester had started in a very good environment and was exactly as nice as I expected. Since all of the students come from different disciplines, the first semester’s classes are well-designed to make every one of us oriented to the further-related classes. In this sense, the first semester’s classes have served as a nice starter.

Erlangen is a very nice and compact city where you can keep pace with everything by putting considerably very little effort compared to the other huge German cities. Therefore this gives you enough time to focus on your studies and the other important things. The second semester has unfortunately started in a different environment due to pandemic but I pretty much think that we have handled those harsh times perfectly as the whole program. Since our program is designed to welcome a limited amount of students, we are like a family in the SDAC. All of my classmates are nice and easy-going people and our academic staff are very helpful, professional, and understanding. So without any hesitation, I can say that you will be forever welcome and find a very nice environment in our program.