Sabrina Heilmann

While thinking about my experiences in Beijing, it is difficult to narrow them down in a few sentences. Beijing offers many opportunities, you can get to know various people from China, as well as from all over the world. Locals are very hospitable, open minded and you can try to practice your Chinese with them.

© Sabrina Heilmann

I was really delighted to study at PKU and to have the choice among a great variety of different courses and extra activities (company visits). Beijing is a progressed city, with a great developed service sector, so you have multiple options to enjoy your leisure time besides studying (student associations for sports and other hobbies, restaurants, parks, cultural and historical places, etc.). I joined the Wu Jing Taekwondo Team and the Volunteer Group for Andigmen Street and felt very welcomed in this short time.

I personally really enjoyed my stay in Beijing and wish all future students a good time as well!