Student Experiences in China

Pictures and reports are provided by the SDAC student body. Introduction written by Ani Petrosyan.

As required by the program, SDAC students of the second cohort spent the winter semester 19/20 at the European Centre for Chinese Studies (ECCS) at Peking University.

While they are back from China and busy with their Master Theses, we asked them to write recaps on their experiences in Beijing.

We will introduce the reports one by one over the next few weeks but if you would like to skip ahead feel free to take a look at our section about student experiences in China.

Daikoku Kairun

Beijing was special for me because of its contrast to Erlangen. Erlangen is unique because it is a compact and slower-paced city; it is an ideal location for a student to focus on their studies without many distractions.

© Kairun Daikoku

Comparatively, in Beijing it is a vast, stimulating and arguably exhausting city. A place I felt I did not have enough time during the day because there were a lot of activities to do. For example, a typical day at Peking University would require me to manage mandatory, elective and language classes, extra-curriculars, work, and personal downtime.

Finding a balance between these activities is important because I believe participating in different activities sparks creativity and motivation.