Orientation Week Review: Welcome Our New SDAC Students

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Warm Welcome Again, 5th Cohort SDACers!

Last week, we welcomed our new SDAC students and held orientation activities. It has been a while since we have students and faculty members around, and everyone was excited and looking forward to the new semester! Check out some pictures below!


On Tuesday, 5th cohort students gathered together for the first time and went treasure hunting around Erlangen.


On Wednesday, students met all the faculty members and were officially introduced to SDAC program and courses.

Prof. Dr. Müller introduces SDAC program and Guest Lecture Series
Prof. Dr. Stéphanie Homola introduces SDAC program
Dr. Dimitri Drettas updates students on the studying abroad semester in Beijing
Dr. Martina Gottwald-Belinic introduces exchange programs and opportunities
Dr. Alexander Horstmann, our SDAC guest professor of this academic year, introduces his classes to students
Oleg Vasilchenko, SDAC Interim-Program Coordinator, offers students general information on classes, academic standards and regulations
Prof. Dr. Dominik Müller and Dr. Sven Grundmann during the Muppet Show
During the Muppet Show
Prof. Dr. Stéphanie Homola and Dr. Alexander Horstmann during the Muppet Show
4th cohort student representatives, Alexandra and Miyuki, present students about peer-to-peer mentoring program
5th Cohort Students