Throwback: Student’s participation in the 4th Conference on Scientific Network Anthropology and China(s)

The 4th Conference on Scientific Network Anthropology and China(s) at the FAU Central Library in Erlangen–Nuremberg, held from November 21-23, 2023, was an intellectually charged gathering exploring the Co-Constructions of Ethnographic and Academic Regions. This article focuses on the captivating events of Day 3, highlighting the active participation of students from the Department of Standards of Decision Making across Cultures (SDAC) and their unique experience witnessing the intricate process of book creation.

Day 3 Highlights:

Dialogue with Diverse Authors

The heart of Day 3 lay in the engaging dialogue between SDAC students and distinguished authors from diverse backgrounds. As the students explored pre-read chapters of the book, they actively participated in rounds of questioning sessions. The authors, hailing from various academic and cultural backgrounds, responded directly to the students’ questions, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Appreciation for Student Involvement

Authors expressed sincere appreciation for the SDAC students’ reviews, acknowledging the unique perspectives they brought to the table. This recognition underscored the invaluable contribution of the students and emphasized the importance of diverse voices in shaping academic discourse.

Unveiling the Academic Process

Day 3 shed light on the behind-the-scenes intricacies of academic work, allowing students to witness how book chapters are meticulously crafted, critically reviewed, and rigorously discussed before reaching the printing press. This exposure served as an educational milestone for the students, offering them a profound understanding of the scholarly process.


Day 3 of the Scientific Network Anthropology and China(s) conference was a pivotal moment for SDAC students. The exposure to the intricate process of book chapter creation enriched their academic journey, providing a unique insight into the rigors of scholarly discourse. As the conference concluded, it became clear that Day 3 had not only expanded academic perspectives but also nurtured a community dedicated to the collective pursuit of knowledge, facilitated by the interaction with authors from diverse backgrounds.