Martina Gottwald-Belinic

Dr. Martina Gottwald-Belinic

Elite Master Program "Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures"

Institute for Near Eastern and East Asian Languages and Civilizations Chair of Chinese Studies (Prof. Dr. Lackner)

Room: Room 00.038
Hartmannstr. 14, Gebäude 71.12
91052 Erlangen

Office hours

Each week Mo, 12:00 - 14:00, by appointment

Curriculum Vitae

Ms. Gottwald-Belinic holds a Ph.D. in economics from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Her research focuses on how new digital technologies can be applied and absorbed by economies with an emphasis on contemporary China. Her main field is organized around the influence of new trends, assessing the impact of these trends on future labour productivity development, urbanization, social values and lifestyles. Ms. Gottwald-Belinic holds diverse academic seminars with a focus on transition development in East Asia, especially on the remarkably successful development of the so-called “Chinese Model” of economic transition. Her current research relates to the structural transformation and role of Chinese economic and institutional activities in Central and Eastern European States (CEES). This research is being carried out with special focus on the perception, influence, and interaction of Chinese investment activities labelled as “soft financing” strategies, as well as on the importance of the integrated and homogeneous approaches of all EU members towards their relationships with China.


Module 3: “Economic Transition in China” Winter Semester 2019/2020 (Module 5 in WS 2018/2019)

Module 5: Economics I “Decision-Making in Managerial Economics” Winter Semester 2019/2020

Module 4: Behavioural Economics “Behavioural Game Theory” Summer Semester 2019

Module 1: Topics of Decision Making: “Introduction into Game Theory” Winter Semester 2018/ 2019

Research Interests

Productivity Components and Economic Growth in China

Innovation driven Development in China

Economic absorption of new technology trends driven through digitalization and computerization in China

Labor productivity and future of work force in China

Influence of social medias on „decision –making“ process in Chinese society

Education and Professional Experience


Phd in Economics; Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China 2017

MBA Exchange, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 2007

MBA International business, GSO Management Institute, Nuremberg, Germany, 2006

MBA Exchange, Barry University Miami, Florida, USA, 2005

M.A. Economics, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Business Economies, Croatia, 1998

Dissertation: “Understanding Total Factor Productivity Drivers, Productivity Components and Economic Growth in China”


Professional Experience:

Research Fellow, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Elite-Masterstudiengang, Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures, 2018- Present

Manager, Accenture, Munich, Germany, 2008-2017

Associate Partner, Dragonfly Group, Chengdu, China, 2013- Present

Senior Group Controller, Telekom Austria Group, Vienna, Austria, 2000-2008

Refereed Publications and Academic Presentations

Refereed Publications and Academic Presentations:

Sonora, Robert and Gottwald-Belinic, Martina (2020). How does China’s Belt Road Initiative change export flows from Eastern to Western EU countries? Evidence from a Gravity Model. Book of abstracts of FEB Zagreb 11th International Odyssey Conference on Economics and Business, June 2020,

Gottwald-Belinic, Martina (2019). Impact of Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Institutional influence on social interaction goes beyond economic activities. Proceedings of 10th FEB Zagreb International Odyssey Conference on Economics and Business, June 2019, 161-173.

Gottwald-Belinic, Martina (2019). The role of political, cultural and academic institutions in knowledge transfer and exchanges. SCIEA 11th Annual Meeting FAU Erlangen, May 2019.

Gottwald-Belinic, Martina (2019). Concept of Rationality in Behavioural Economics. Rethinking interdisciplinary approaches to decision-making, Choice, culture, and context Joint-Workshop IKGF & SDAC, International Consortium for Research in Humanities (IKGF), FAU Erlangen, June 2019.